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Queen Granny Nanny of the Jamaican Maroons

Rose-Anne August, human rights activist of Haiti.....

Evan Belize,Belize, Brukdon Master, religious riddims

Maurice Bishop, Grenadian revolutionary

Blackbeard, notorious English pirate who operated out of Jamaica

Lord Burgess (Irving Burgie)The man who wrote most of Harry Belafonte's songs, Barbadan American...
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...Ras Livingstone Bramble, boxer of St. Croix, St. Kitts and Nevis

Fidel Castro, Cuban leader since 1959, presently first secretary of the Communist party of Cuba

Pen Cayatano,the man who put the riddim into punta.........

Jean-Jaques Dessalines, First Emperor of Haiti

...St. Nelson Diamond, Belizean Musician

...Papa Doc Duvalier, Haitian President for Life

Exuma, Obeah Man, musician of the Bahamas

...Governor Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Jamaica, Founder of the UNIA

The honorable Phillip Goldson, of Belize...

Che Guevera Worldwide and Cuban Revolutionary...

...Marion Jones, Belizean American gold medal winner

Bob Marley, Jamaica, the man who brought reggae to the whole world

Mutabaruka, Poet of Jamaica

..Nora Parham, icon for Belizean feminists

Wilfred Peters,Belize, King of Brukdon

George Cadle Price, Belizean President from before Independence until Musa... ...

Calypso Rose,Trinidad & Tobago, Queen of Calyspo

Lady Saw, Jamaica, the First Lady of dancehall

Julius Soubise, born in St. Kitts, a Caribbean slave, become an Englishman of stature. Meet him and 100 more black Britons of note.

The Mighty SparrowGrenada-born Calypsonian

Peter Tosh,,Jamaica, reggae master, Rastafarian

......Buju Banton,Jamaican Musician...